Introducing Enroute's Annual Group Strategy 2024-25

Our vision for new rail projects

Our 2050 Vision


New rail projects

Growing the rail network by taking forward new rail projects is absolutely vital for the economy and the sustainability of Great Britain.


Take it further: East West Rail

We believe that East West Rail is vital to the South Midlands and the knowledge and connectivity of the entire nation. East West Rail is a model for the level of ambition with which we should approach new rail schemes, selecting alignments based on the purpose of the line, and making use of a combination of new and reinstated alignments and existing lightly-used lines, where fit-for-purpose.

East West Rail should be electrified from the outset between Oxford and Cambridge, as should every new railway. Failing to do so is a missed opportunity for decarbonisation, particularly for freight, and will likely result in further disruption if a decision is later taken to electrify after services have started. We also consider the branch to Aylesbury vital for regional growth.

We call for consideration of extending passenger services along the existing network, to destinations such as Reading, Northampton and London Marylebone. We would also support studies into new services towards Bristol and South Wales (splitting off at after Oxford at Didcot Parkway), and a brand-new route between Verney Junction and Banbury, via Buckingham and Brackley.

Get it started: the Leamside Line

We support calls to reopen the Leamside Line in the North East of England, providing a secondary route for passengers and freight between Darlington and Newcastle, serving Washington (one of England’s largest urban areas with no rail connectivity). This could form part of a longer second route from York to Newcastle.

We support ambitions to utilise part of the Leamside Line for an extension of the Tyne & Wear Metro, but this must be allow provision for long-distance traffic on the line

  • 14th December 2023: Initial publication