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Political impartiality

Our stance on political impartiality.

Enroute is a non-party-political organisation, and does not endorse or promote individual candidates or political parties. We do, however, endorse policy positions relating to transport, where they align with Our 2050 Vision.

During election campaigns, as at other times, Enroute engages with policies that candidates or parties are promoting as part of their manifestos, voicing support for policies that align with our 2050 Vision, or calling for further clarification, detail or justification for policy positions relating to public transport and active travel. We offer comment, reaction, recommendations and calls to action via social media, blog posts, press releases, open letters, or incorporation into research pieces.

Enroute avoids scrutinising proposals on the basis of being uncosted or unfunded, as this could be perceived as contradicting our advocacy for a general increase in ambition and investment.

We do not usually comment on road schemes, although where road investment is pitched in opposition to public transport, we may call for public transport to be prioritised.

We accept that individual staff members at Enroute will have their own political views, and may express them freely, such as via social media, including support for parties or candidates. This may include views on transport issues.

We do not wish to restrict staff from expressing their own views, as long as they do not cross into hateful speech that may bring Enroute into disrepute (such incidents would be treated according to our Code of Conduct).

We do, however, ask staff to make clear that, when voicing their own views (particularly if endorsing a party or candidate) they do not do so representing Enroute. We also ask staff to avoid directly contradicting or undermining Enroute’s policy positions on transport issues.