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Northampton, UK
Northampton, UK


Our Research.

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Our core purpose as an organisation is to produce eye-opening and interesting research to inspire improvement and change to sustainable transport networks across the UK, getting people out of their cars and onto trains, buses, bikes and trams.

We produce research with the intention of capturing the eyes of decision-makers and stakeholders, and making the general public more interested and inspired by what our public and active transport networks could look like.

Our research can take several forms, for example:

  • Research into transport consumers and the wider industry: Focussing on ideas on how we can overhaul the industry, considering industry colleague opinions, and most importantly, the feedback of users.
    • For example, we may produce some research on integrating the railway, considering the problems we have had with the national rail network in the past and producing ideas on how we could reform (for example, simplified ticketing).
  • Research into specific concepts and potential projects: Taking a core issue or idea and further scoping it out, looking at economic, financial, management, commercial and strategic factors, and putting Enroute’s spin on it!
    • This could include an idea as small as a new bus route or railway station, or a larger idea such as an S-bahn-style network in a large urban conurbation.
  • Research into key themes: Taking a case study and explaining what we have learnt from the development of the idea.