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Northampton, UK

Our Community Commitment

Operating with integrity: Our Community Commitment.

Enroute Group CIC is a Community Interest Company (CIC) based in the UK, which means that we are a type of social enterprise that operates for the benefit of the community, rather than for the benefit of private shareholders. As a CIC, we have certain limitations to what we can do in order to meet the community interest. For example, we have to use our assets and income for our social mission, which is to promote investment in and usage of sustainable forms of transport, including active and public transport modes, in Great Britain. This objective and its sub-objectives are governed by our Articles of Association. We also have to report on our social impact and comply with the CIC regulator's standards.


Our Community Commitment a statement of our core values and principles as a CIC. It is a way of communicating how we uphold our social responsibility and accountability to our stakeholders, including our funders, partners, staff, volunteers, and of course, the communities in which we serve. It is also a way of showcasing how our activities contribute to the community interest and the common good.


One of the ways we demonstrate Our Community Commitment is by reporting on our community interest to the CIC regulator every year. This is a legal requirement for all CICs in the UK, and it helps us to prove that we are fulfilling our social mission and delivering positive outcomes for the community. In our Annual Accounts, we explain how our activities align with our community interest statement, which describes the social purpose and objectives of our CIC.


Our Community Commitment reflects our vision, mission and goals as a CIC, and how we measure and report on our progress and achievements. We hope that by sharing Our Community Commitment, we can inspire others to join us in our journey towards a more sustainable and inclusive transport network for everyone.