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Volunteering with Enroute

Introducing Enroute's volunteering scheme.

Support us in developing your future transport network.

As a transport research group, we believe in the power of collaborative efforts to drive meaningful change in the world of UK transport. Our volunteering programme is built on four core principles: Experiences, Community, Flexibility, and Young People. We value the diverse Experiences that each volunteer brings, recognising that every perspective enriches our initiatives. We foster a strong sense of Community, where volunteers, experts, and community representatives collaborate seamlessly, creating an environment of shared learning and growth.


Flexibility is key – we understand that your commitments vary, so we offer adaptable volunteering opportunities that fit your schedule and preferences. And we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders, as Young People play a vital role in our mission. Join us in shaping the future of transport in the UK while gaining invaluable experiences, forming lasting connections, enjoying flexible engagement, and contributing to the development of our network.

How we run our volunteering programme

Volunteering Principles

Learn more about how we comply with our four Volunteering Principles of Experiences, Community, Flexibility and Young People.

Gaining valuable experience
From working with us, you will gain experience in research, report writing, analysis, teamworking, stakeholder engagement, and the freedom to pursue research in topics/niches you are particularly interested in, with support and feedback from the rest of the team.

Make your opinion known
As a volunteer with Enroute, you’ll be able to support our marketing and business development initiatives, influencing our public engagement such as blogs and social media, as well as reports themselves by making your opinion known to the project team.

Meet like-minded people
By volunteering with us, you are helping us build our team, which is collaborative and sociable. Through our volunteering programme, you can meet people just like you, and make friends. We promote collaboration and togetherness, including meeting out-of-work. You can also learn from people in other areas of the organisation, too. From politics to permanent way, and the economy to the environment, our volunteers are skilled and well-knowledged.

Support your community
Of course, you will also benefit your community, even if you choose to go into a back-end role. We’re all about supporting the development of our country, so whatever you do within Enroute, from an executive role to an research or HR position, you are supporting your economy, your environment, and your links to the rest of the UK. Your community will thank you. Transport is a vital piece of national infrastructure that needs continued development and enhancements.

Working location
All our positions are primarily home working-based. We do not have any permanent offices, although you may be given the opportunity to travel for meetings, conferences, and other external events. Where appropriate, we can organise these events to be virtual, as most internal meetings are now.

Working patterns
We recommend five hours of work per week for each volunteer, although depending on your position, this can differ, and it can differ week-on-week or month-on-month dependant on how many internal or external projects we have on at that time. As a volunteer organisation, we understand that staff may have jobs or attend college or university. Therefore, most internal meetings take place after 18:30 in the evenings, or on weekends.

We are also flexible on holiday and unplanned absences - we just ask that you let us know in advance that you won’t be free.

Mental health
Recognising the significant impact of stress and mental well-being on individuals, Enroute places paramount importance on providing support through our HR and safeguarding teams. Whether you find yourself navigating personal or work-related challenges, please know that your well-being matters to us.

Feel free to confide in us about your situation, and we'll endeavour to offer assistance tailored to your needs. Should you prefer not to disclose details, a simple notification of your desire for a leave of absence will suffice, and we will arrange it accordingly.

In our commitment to equality and compassion, Enroute stands firmly against discrimination and wholeheartedly embraces individuals from all walks of life, irrespective of their backgrounds or struggles. Our ethos rests on inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, without exception, is valued and cared for in our nurturing team.

Flexibility for students
We understand the amount of pressure students - especially those undertaking GCSEs, A-levels, and other examinations, may be under. We also understand the impact education may have on stress levels and mental health.

It’s in our blood to be understanding, caring, and inclusive, so whenever you need to talk to someone, our kind-hearted team members are here to help you. If you need to take time away from Enroute, we can also arrange a leave of absence.

Supporting career development
Especially for younger students just getting into their career, a volunteer placement with Enroute can be a great start. From gaining useful experience through visits and new contacts, to benefiting your community through a volunteer role.

Enroute volunteer roles can look invaluable on a CV, and can support you through application processes for further education, jobs, and further volunteering opportunities.

Sound good? Take a look at some of our vacancies.

Your questions, answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Please do read some of our frequently asked questions, and if they don't help, get in touch with our team.

How can I apply to become a volunteer with Enroute?
To apply, first, take a look at any vacancies we may have available using the links on this page. Even if you can't find a vacancy that fits you, please do get in touch with us via email on contact@enroutecic.com.
Are there any specific qualifications or experience required to volunteer with Enroute?
While qualifications and experience are beneficial, we welcome volunteers from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. We believe that everyone can contribute to our mission.
Do I need to be located in a specific region to volunteer with Enroute?
Our positions primarily involve remote work, so you can volunteer from anywhere in the UK. Some travel may be required for meetings or events, but we also offer virtual options when possible.
What support is available for volunteers' mental health and well-being?
We take the mental health of our volunteers seriously. We have HR and safeguarding teams in place to provide support. You can confide in us about your situation, and we'll tailor assistance to your needs while respecting your privacy.
How long is the typical volunteer commitment with Enroute?
The duration of volunteer commitments can vary. Some roles may be project-specific and short-term, while others can be ongoing. We can discuss the expected duration during the application process.
What is the process for selecting volunteers, and how long does it take to get involved once I apply?
Our selection process involves reviewing applications and conducting interviews or assessments, depending on the role. The timeline can vary, but we aim to onboard volunteers as efficiently as possible.
Are there opportunities for career advancement within Enroute as a volunteer?
While volunteer roles don't have traditional career paths, exceptional volunteers who demonstrate dedication and leadership may have the chance to take on more responsibilities or play a larger role in our organisation's initiatives.
What types of volunteering opportunities are available at Enroute?
While most of our staff specialise in transport but, we also a wide range of other opportunities such as those in finance, funding acquisition, marketing, communications, business development, and more.
Will volunteering with Enroute provide any professional development opportunities?
Yes, volunteering with us can provide valuable experiences, contacts, and skills that can enhance your career prospects. It can also look impressive on your CV and support your further education or job applications.
Is there an age limit for volunteers, or is the program open to all ages?
Our volunteering program is open to individuals aged over 16. We particularly encourage young people to get involved, as they play a vital role in our mission, but we welcome volunteers from all walks of life.
Is there any financial compensation for volunteers, such as travel expenses or allowances?
Currently, our volunteer positions are unpaid. However, we do offer reimbursement for travel and expenses where required and where a business case exists.
Can I volunteer with Enroute if I have a full-time job or other commitments?
Absolutely! Many of our volunteers have other commitments like full-time jobs or educational pursuits. We schedule most internal meetings in the evenings or on weekends to accommodate various schedules.
Can I switch between different volunteer roles within Enroute if my interests change over time?
Yes, we value your growth and interests. You can discuss changing your volunteer role with us, and we'll work together to find the best fit for your evolving preferences.
What kind of impact does Enroute aim to make in the UK transport sector?
Enroute is dedicated to driving meaningful change in the UK transport sector through research and collaborative efforts. We aim to contribute to the development and enhancement of national transport infrastructure.