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Northampton, UK

Hello, we are now Enroute.

A transport research group, replacing Sustainable Transport Midlands.

Here's what you need to know

What's changed?

Alongside our name, we have changed our ethos and core objectives, and reclassified ourselves as a transport research group.

We have realised that it can be difficult to run transport campaigns on a local and high-scale with just volunteers. Therefore, we had to get around the table and discuss how we can diversify our programme offering to continue to benefit the community as set out in our Articles of Association.

Therefore, we have changed our business model to revolve around publishing 'Research' into improvements in public and active transport, with the goal to encourage decision-makers to invest in our sustainable transport network.

We are also making it easier for us to change what we do at short notice, in order to ensure we are delivering ultimate value to our communities. We will start by introducing a Vision for UK Transport and posting regularly on our social media accounts, but we have other ideas in the pipeline.

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In order to remove operational restrictions related to our name (such as the geographical limit to the 'Midlands'), we have rebranded ourselves as Enroute - a play on the French word for 'on the way'. Our legal name is now Enroute Group CIC.

Alongside this, we are modifying our logo with this new name and as part of this, introducing black alongside various gradients into our colour scheme more widely.

We have adopted 'Our Ethos' - a new set of ethos which will guide everything we do, from our Mission and Purpose to Core Values and most importantly, our Core Objective, being to promote investment in and usage of sustainable forms of transport, including active and public transport modes, in Great Britain

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Learning from our operations in the last two years and considering Our Ethos, we have decided to adopt a joint leadership structure, led by two joint-CEO's, Harry Burr and David Frankal. Both CEO's lead their own portfolio, however, there is flexibility within these portfolios.

The Board of Directors will remain, led by Owen O'Neill, Group Board Chairperson.

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Previously, Sustainable Transport Midlands maintained a vision for transport in the UK known as ourVision. However, in response to major changes within the industry in the last few months, we have adopted a new 2050 Vision for UK Transport, considering the political and economic atmosphere of the transport sector right now.

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What isn't changing?

Our Community Commitment

Our Community Commitment is unwavered. We will continue to encourage investment in and usage of sustainable modes of transport in these areas, just in a slightly different way, incorporating an alternative more effective strategy.

Our people and leadership

Our staff and team is staying the same, albeit led by two CEO's rather than one. Our team is valuable to us, and we also encourage those who may be especially interested in what we do to explore our volunteer vacancies or get in touch with us.

Our history and heritage

We are proud of our past, from Weedon Station Project and Daventry Parkway Project to what Sustainable Transport Midlands was in 2023. Therefore, we will be retaining this heritage, so you can find out more about where we've been.

Your questions, answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions? Please do read some of our frequently asked questions, and if they don't help, get in touch with our team.

Where will you operate?
We will operate within Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland), as opposed to our previous Midlands-only operating area.
Why do you have two Vision's?
We do have two Vision Statements. This is because one of them is our 2050 Vision for UK Transport, which acts as more of a secondary research piece, whereas our standard 'Vision' is the wider Vision for the operating area as an organisation.
What kind of impact does Enroute aim to make in the UK transport sector?
Enroute is dedicated to driving meaningful change in the UK transport sector through research and collaborative efforts. We aim to contribute to the development and enhancement of national transport infrastructure.
What does Enroute mean for Daventry Transport Development Group?
Unfortunately, we had to make the tough decision to suspend the Daventry Transport Development Group committee several months ago owing to both internal capacity issues and the change in scope of our organisation.
How do I get involved?
To support us or get involved, please consider either donating to Enroute through our new donation portal, or consider our volunteering opportunities!