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Northampton, UK

Vacancy: Communications Executive

Support communications activities for Enroute, advocating for sustainable transport across Britain. Manage our relationships and support new partnerships and communications efforts. Ideal for comms experts with a transport background!

As Communications Executive at Enroute, you’ll significantly support our communications activities within our communications and marketing team, to promote sustainable transport nationwide. Your primary responsibilities will include managing our relationships with a variety of external stakeholders, such as transport operators, local/regional/national government and campaign/advocacy groups.

Additionally, you will support the management of our brand and press relations in line with our Annual Strategy. You’ll collaborate with our Joint Chief Executive’s and other team members to develop relationships, engage with the media, and create content.

Key deliverable

The key deliverable of this role is to elevate Enroute’s visibility and influence in advocating for improved public and active transport networks. While the role description outlines specific tasks, there is flexibility for the volunteer to bring their expertise and creativity to enhance our marketing efforts further. We welcome innovative ideas and suggestions to strengthen our outreach and engagement strategies.


  • This role allows for flexibility in working hours, with an approximate commitment of five hours per week.
  • Volunteers are encouraged to bring new ideas and perspectives to the organisation.
  • The volunteer role is not rigidly defined, and there is flexibility in how the volunteers can contribute based on their interests and expertise.
  • Time off is encouraged, but we ask for notice and clear communication.

What are we looking for?

  • Experience in the transport sector
  • Experience in communications operations and relationship management
  • Proficiency in Canva and Microsoft 365 for creating on-brand materials, including for social media
  • Strong communications skills and ability to collaborate effectively with team members including senior management
  • Ability to establish and nurture relationships with stakeholders and organisations
  • Understanding and alignment with the mission and goals of Enroute
  • Flexibility and adaptability to contribute to various aspects of marketing and communications strategies
  • Work remotely as part of a young, energetic and supportive team at Enroute

What difference will you make?

Your input will shape how we present ourselves to stakeholders, funders, and the general public. With your help, we will be able to amplify our message and encourage more individuals to embrace sustainable transport options. Your expertise will enable us to adapt and thrive, exploring new avenues for engagement and collaboration. You will support us in advancing our mission of promoting sustainable transport solutions across Great Britain, making a difference in reducing carbon emissions and improving accessibility for all.