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Northampton, UK

What do we spend money on?

Management spending.

At this stage in the lifecycle of the organisation, the majority of our spending goes to what we call 'management spending', such as:


  • Costs associated with running the core organisation, including IT systems (Microsoft accounts, web hosting etc) as well as payments to Companies House.
  • Travel expenditure for company-related events and activities. This includes transport, accommodation and subsistence.
  • Stationery and marketing activities, such as printing/branded items such as clothing and name badges.
  • Professional services where required, including management consultancy and IT support services.

Activities spending.

Activities spending is directly associated to our core objectives and  making an impact on the community. At this stage in our lifecycle, most of our very limited funding goes towards management spending, therefore, we haven't got a significant amount to spend on costs like:


  • Running of events for both stakeholder and public benefit, including room hire, staff hire and subsistence.
  • Travel expenditure associated with projects such as travel required to carry out surveys or site visits.

With more donations, sponsorships and funding, the higher our impact can become across Great Britain.