Introducing Enroute's Annual Group Strategy 2024-25

Our vision for universal access to rail

Our 2050 Vision


Universal access to rail

Universal access to rail is absolutely essential to encourage modal shift from private vehicles.


Our core proposals

We believe that:

  • Every rail service in England, Wales and Scotland should support level boarding by 2050, and as a result reduce dwell times at all stations and increase the number of people that can use public transport.
  • Level boarding should be provided by bringing station platforms with over 10,000 passengers pear year (pre-COVID) in England, Wales and Scotland to the government standard for height, which currently stands at 915mm, with a 730mm offset according to the RSSB.
  • Along with this, all new rolling stock in England, Wales and Scotland should be low-floor, to match new platform heights.
  • Every railway station with usage over 10,000 per year should be step-free from street to train, for example, via a lift or ramp, by 2050.

Case Study: Class 777s

See below – the new Class 777s, dubbed some of the most accessible trains in the country, with level boarding at every station and generous space for wheelchairs (image by BusAndTrainUser)

  • 14th December 2023: Initial publication