Happy Better Transport Week 2024! Learn more about our involvement:
Northampton, UK

Campaign for Better Transport

Campaign for Better Transport
Engagement Case Study

Campaign for Better Transport is a national charity that produces research into transport issues and lobbies Government for investment into sustainable transport. We share many of our core values and aims.

We took inspiration from their 2019 report ‘Expanding the Railways’ in some of our early work, and are currently discussing how we can collaborate to take this further, with a particular eye on the ‘Restoring Your Railway’ scheme.

Our colleagues at CBT have been invaluable with their help and advice in developing Enroute and its campaigns.

We’re proud partners of Better Transport Week, taking place on the 17th-21st June, and our Joint Chief Executive David Frankal will be appearing at the keystone conference of the week on Friday 21st June, discussing rail reopening projects.

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