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New not-for-profit transport research group Enroute launched

New not-for-profit transport research group Enroute launched
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It has been announced that, Enroute, a dynamic not-for-profit transport research group, is set to launch today, Thursday 14th December 2023, marking a significant evolution from its predecessor, Sustainable Transport Midlands. With an unwavering commitment to advancing and enhancing Great Britain's sustainable transport network, Enroute aims to drive positive change through impactful research, community support, and a visionary approach to sustainable transport.

At the helm of this new organisation are Joint Chief Executives, Harry Burr and David Frankal. Harry, the former CEO of Sustainable Transport Midlands and current Young Persons Ambassador at the Rail Forum, will spearhead commercial management, communications strategy, and resourcing. Meanwhile, David, a passionate transport advocate, recently completing a Year in Industry at Northern, will lead the team in charge of research.

Harry Burr, Joint Chief Executive at Enroute, expressed his excitement about the launch: “It’s a pleasure to unveil Enroute today. Behind the scenes, we’ve diligently worked on this rebranding to ensure a seamless transition. Our goal is to consistently deliver maximum benefits for our communities and the users of public and active transport in this country.”

Enroute’s commitment also extends beyond research, with the introduction of “Our Community Commitment.” As a Community Interest Company, Enroute pledges to regularly report on its social and community impact, aligning with the organisation’s new ethos.

Enroute inherits Sustainable Transport Midlands’ momentum in the Daventry Transport Development Group, born from the campaign to reopen Weedon station in Northamptonshire as Daventry Parkway. Councillor Phil Larratt, Cabinet Member for Environment, Transport, Highways, and Waste at West Northamptonshire Council, knows that Enroute will diligently continue researching this potential, saying that “Enroute has committed to working with us to research and suggest improvements to the public transport network in the Daventry area, in the community’s best interest. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the team”.

Enroute and its volunteers will produce thought-provoking research pieces on a range of transport issues and themes. Alongside its launch, they are sharing the first two of these pieces; one weighs up different models of bus operation across Great Britain, and another draws observations while Sustainable Transport Midlands completed transport analysis in Daventry and Rushden.

This entirely volunteer-driven organisation invites individuals passionate about sustainable transport to join as Transport Analysts or in other volunteer roles. Whether contributing to groundbreaking research or launching community-focused programmes, Enroute offers opportunities for dedicated individuals to make a meaningful impact. Learn more about these opportunities at

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