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Northampton, UK

Rail and Urban Transport Review: Call for Evidence

Consultation Response

At Enroute, we are passionate advocates for the transformation of the transport landscape in Great Britain, envisioning a future where sustainable modes of transport flourish, creating greener, more accessible, and interconnected communities.

In response to the consultation call for evidence focusing on the delivery of better intra- and inter-city connectivity, Enroute has provided their insights and recommendations. The core focus of this review addresses key challenges hindering the delivery of rail and urban transport networks and infrastructure, the clarity and certainty of policy and funding, devolution, sustainable partnerships, and private sector and industry capacity. Each question is approached with a commitment to fostering a holistic, sustainable, and adaptable approach that aligns with our core ethos.

Our responses delve into the intricacies of spatial planning, policy and legislative changes, funding reforms, public/private collaborations, and the integration of technological trends. We emphasise the importance of long-term planning, consistent decision-making, and capacity building to ensure the effective delivery of sustainable transport projects that stand the test of time.

Enroute’s vision is reflected in our advocacy for a policy framework that aligns with decarbonisation goals, prioritises multimodal integration, and supports innovative, sustainable transport solutions. Our responses draw on international best practices, case studies, and practical insights to offer a well-rounded perspective on how Great Britain can lead the way in developing a transport network that is environmentally responsible, economically viable, and socially equitable.

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